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What can I put in my SwaggaBomb?

SwaggaBombs can hold any cold, hot, or frozen liquids! From water, cocktails, hot tea, coffee, juice, mocktails, slushies, iced drinks, hot chocolate, ice cream, yogurt – you name it! You can also place it right in the freezer.

Even better, SwaggaBombs can also hold non-liquids, such as your beer can, nuts, snacks, candies, and more!

Are SwaggaBombs reusable?

Totally, they’re very easy to clean and reuse. We recommend 2-3 uses, before you’re ready for a new SwaggaBomb.

Are SwaggaBombs safe for children?

Yep, they’re safe for all above the age of 3 years old. The beaded necklace can be a choking hazard, do not sleep with it on and we recommend watching all children 3-12 years old using the product.

What are the SwaggaBomb bags made of?

SwaggaBombs are non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free.

Is the straw included?

Yep, every SwaggaBomb comes with a straw!

What bead color options are available?

Here’s a full list –

Do I have to wear my SwaggaBomb the whole time?

Nope – you can easily carry it in your hands or place it on a flat surface. The stand-up gusset bottom allows it to stand on a flat table, desk, etc.

What are the proper precautions to take with my SwaggaBomb?

SwaggaBombs are designed to hold up to 4 lbs of weight, and won’t spill while fully zipped. Since it can hold hot and cold liquids, we recommend NOT to apply any pressure to the bag while it contains liquid – including hugging while wearing it.

Can I take my SwaggaBomb to concerts and festivals?

SwaggaBombs can go to any event that allows refillable drink apparatuses, and water bottles. Just make sure that the drink is completely zipped properly, without the straw in the bag.

Can I order custom SwaggaBombs with my logo on it?

I'm a retailer. Can I have SwaggaBombs stocked at my shop?

Yes! Just click here to contact us. Make sure to let us your business name, location, etc.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes – depending on your location, the appropriate shipping costs will be applied.

Do you help with fundraisers / nonprofits?

We love nonprofits! Depending on your needs, we can help. Just click here to contact us.

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